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By taking advantage of Facebook’s open APIs, Cryptocat allows anyone using their software to chat on their normal Facebook account with one more layer of protection.Nadim Kobeissi, Cryptocat’s 23 year-old founder, started the project about two months ago, to give people already using lists of contacts in standard Facebook chats a way of adding their own layer of encryption.All Facebook will see is cyphertext—the mathematical gibberish computers generate to thwart spying eyes.Chatting with Facebook friends who aren’t using Cryptocat is the same as using the standard Facebook interface—secure to the server, and then readable by Facebook.Frederic Jacobs, a Switzerland-based developer of encryption software for Open Whisper Systems, tweeted, “You can now send me encrypted messages on Facebook with @cryptocatapp.Opportunistic encryption at its best”--along with a screenshot of a chat.

For being such a straightforward piece of software, Cryptocat, and its young creator, have had a rough history.

”No one, including Kobeissi, would call Cryptocat “NSA proof.” If a powerful entity like the NSA is after you, no software is likely to save you.

But tools like Cryptocat could be perhaps described more gently as "mass surveillance resistant.”On Facebook, chats are encrypted between users and Facebook’s servers.

This letter will help you understand a little bit about our business and then determine if a business partnership with NSA is right for you. Most of our clients retain our services for specific projects, which can last from days to years, so we are constantly doing new and exciting things.

NSA is an economical and effective choice for ongoing, recurring or project-based tasks.

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