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A place where Irish coffee and turtles can help you unwind!? Nichkhun, who extremely likes driving, leaves at 5am for his early morning golf.While Wooyoung said, “I don’t like going to a place so distant.Wooyoung stated “When I look at photos of animals, I feel relaxed.

(laughs) I think you’ll get a nice feeling while watching the lights at the bridge around October. This is the place where we release translations of 2PM interviews primarily from Japanese and Korean magazines. For more substantial 2pm updates, follow our other sns: Twitter & Facebook!

They are now living alone after moving out from their dorm, but how are they doing recently?

While laughing together…[NK] We haven’t gone to this café with just the two of us, right?

When the crew was dripping with sweat while taking the interview, Nichkhun turned off the lights that were generating the heat and Wooyoung faces the ventilation fan to our direction ― kind considerations one after another from them.

Among the fans, these two who are really close friends are famous for being the healing pair.

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These two from Seoul are relaxed and somehow, they have a very pleasant vibes.

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