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It appears Colella, 60, had slipped his company-mandated, GPS-enabled personal digital assistant into the bag to block the signals that enabled the device to track his movements.

Police raiding a Berlin restaurant have discovered playing cards which had been laced with a radioactive substance.

“We needed to make sure that even though we were reaching out to folks, we needed to make this movie differently than any other movie we’d made…” So people smarter than me have already pointed out the problems with RSR.

But it's gotten me thinking about what a general-purpose short story review/recommendation blog would look like if it was good.

Detectives believe players could wear a hidden detector on their bodies allowing them to recognise certain cards, giving them an advantage.

” when I awoke on each of my three mornings at the con. And then I feel guilty and ungrateful for tiring of these dear and all-too-human souls. For its marketing, Disney in 2013 applied to trademark “Día de los Muertos” — the Mexican holiday the movie centers on — sparking a backlash from prominent Latino voices.— Ada Hoffmann (@xasymptote) November 27, 2017 I think, in my perfect world, the team that reviews everything would have a list of specialized people and would give them a heads-up when stuff relevant to them was published.The Everything Team would still review it, but the specialized people could too, in their own space. Maybe that’s Jesus’s voice, or the Buddha’s, or the White Light’s… Love them.” Well, maybe my wife wouldn’t go that far.

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