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Ein Glashüttenmärchen in vier Akten (Berlin: Fischer, 1906); translated by Harned as And Pippa Dances (Boston: Badger, 1909); Gesammelte Werke, 6 volumes (Berlin: Fischer, 1906); Die Jungfern von Bischofsberg: Lustspiel (Berlin: Fischer, 1907); translated by Lewisohn as The Maidens of the Mount, in The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann, edited by Lewisohn, volume 6 (New York: Huebsch, 1916); Griechischer Frühling (Berlin: Fischer, 1908); Kaiser Karls Geisel: Legendenspiel (Berlin: Fischer, 1908); translated by Lewisohn as Charlemagne’s Hostage, in The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann, edited by Lewisohn, volume 5 (New York: Huebsch, 1916); Griselda (Berlin: Fischer, 1909); translated by Alice Kauser as Griselda (Binghampton, N.Y.: Binghampton Book Manufacturing Co., 1909); Der Narr in Christo Emanuel Quint (Berlin: Fischer, 1910); translated by Thomas Seltzer as The Fool In Christ Emanuel Quint (New York: Huebsch, 1911); Die Ratten: Berliner Tragikomödie (Berlin: Fischer, 1911): translated by Lewisohn as The Rats, in The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann, edited by Lewisohn, volume 2 (New York: Huebsch, 1913); Atlantis: Roman (Berlin: Fischer, 1912); translated by Adele S.Seltzer as “Flagman Thiel,” in Great German Short Novels and Stories, edited by Bennett A.Cerf (New York: Modern Library, 1933); College Crampton: Komödie (Berlin: Fischer, 1892); translated by Roy Temple House and Ludwig Lewisohn as Colleague Crampton, in The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann, edited by Lewisohn, volume 3 (New York: Huebsch, 1914); Die Weber: Schauspiel aus den vierziger Jahren (Berlin: Fischer, 1892); translated by Morison as The Weavers (New York: Russell, 1899); translated by F.PLAY PRODUCTIONS: Vor Sonnenaufgang, Berlin, Lessingtheater, 20 October 1889; Das Friedensfest, Berlin, Ostendtheater, 1 June 1890; Einsame Menschen, Berlin, Residenztheater, 11 January 1891; Kollege Crampton, Berlin, Deutsches Theater, 16 January 1892; Die Weber, Berlin, Neues Theater, 26 February 1893; Hanneles Himmelfahrt, Berlin, Königliches Schauspielhaus, 14 September 1893; Der Biberpelz, Berlin, Deutsches Theater, 21 September 1893; Florian Geyer, Berlin, Deutsches Theater, 4 January 1896; Die versunkene Glocke, Berlin, Deutsches Theater, 2 December 1896; Fuhrmann Henschel, Berlin, Deutsches Theater, 5 November 1898; Schluck und Jau, Berlin, Deutsches Theater, 3 February 1900; Michael Kramer, Berlin, Deutsches Theater, 21 December 1900; Der rote Hahn, Berlin, Deutsches Theater, 27 November 1901; Der arme Heinrich, Vienna, Hofburgtheater, 29 November 1902; Rose Bernd, Berlin, Deutsches Theater, 31 October 1903; Elga, Berlin, Lessingtheater, 4 March 1905; Und Pippa tanzt!

Die Ex Libris-Reader-App ist für i OS und Android erhältlich. First, it is a book of translated haiku and contains over 900 of these short Japanese poems in the original (smoothly inserted in the main body),with phonetic and literal renditions, as well as the authors English translations and explanations.The world renowned Babelsberg Studios and the production company UFA are located outside Berlin in Potsdam.The city is also home of the European Film Academy and the German Film Academy, and hosts the annual Berlin International Film Festival which is considered to be the largest publicly attended film festival in the world.But once he had discovered his literary talents, he explored all possible literary forms: novellas, novels, epics and lyrical poetry, and drama.While he had artistic and popular success with his novellas and novels, Hauptmann achieved his broadest recognition as a playwright.

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