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Logically Google's cached copy of this URL should have been updated by Google but it didn't change and now it's been almost 6 months since the last change.Here is URL for cached copy of this above Page: Removal request won't negatively affect organic traffic.Note: If you believe your request is urgent and cannot wait until the next time Google crawls your site, use our automatic URL removal system.We will accept your removal request only if the page no longer exists on the web." So, you basically have two choices: 1.

If you can get the webmaster to take the page down so you see a 404 “page not found” error then you can remove everything from the search results, not just the cache but the entire result. This isn’t just the easiest approach but also the fastest.

1) You requested a complete removal because the page read “404 page not found” but the web server was actually responding with a “200 okay” or “302 found”.

You should use a tool such this to check the true response.

When we crawl the web, we find new pages, discard dead links, and update links automatically.

Links that are outdated now will most likely "fade out" of our index during our next crawl.

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There could also be technical reasons why they may not want to remove the whole page, perhaps because the software they are using doesn’t create 404 “page not found” errors.

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