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One area of spanking that I have put on the back burner for many years now is the art of roleplaying, and this special person has helped me to realize just how much that I love to do it.Often I have talked about quality over quantity and this solidifies my view on that because this has the potential to be a very special event for me.We chatted for quite a while and my immediate thought of course was to ask her to play, but that is one area that I’m not so good at.When I meet someone for the first time at a spanking party I hate being one of the folks who immediately says “Would you like to play”, it just seems so impersonal to me.So I wanted to avoid jumping straight in and I told her that I would be looking for her, which wasn’t going to be that long I can assure you, a little anticipation can go a long way in my eyes.When I returned to set up the play date she was gone!!This time there was spanking going on and my desire to play with Ellee was high.After some milling around, Ellee came my way to chat, though if my inkling is right I think she was also saying “Here is my dance card, would you like to play”?

Now I know that the onus is on the guy to do the asking and I have no problem with that of course, but just walking up to someone and saying “Would you like to play” without any interaction at all is something that I struggle with.

From the first interaction I certainly wanted to, but at the same time I didn’t want this to be the only interaction ever between us. Being that I am always super careful with someone who I don’t know during the first spanking, it might have been a disappointment for Ellee had we played that night anyway.

The following week we got to meet up again at a different party, and as usual the nerves were there for me as they always are at a party.

There are a lot of girls who show eagerness to play with me so that tends to be my focus.

That is a different topic for a different day though.

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