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Hi Abi, I'm in kind of a similar situation to you, I was made homeless with my two sons and am currently living with relatives. I've been looking round at figures and my bills will be: 60 top up rent (as HB won't cover all of it) 70 electric (I am currently responsible for this anyway as I will be taking over this house so made sense and it is higher than it should be because for a while we were using electric heaters) 30 fuel (we have a coal fire, so if you're on gas I would say 100 in total for gas and elec is realistic) 15 TV license (not sure how accurate this is) 30 landline and internet (with Talk Talk, this price includes line rental, upto 10meg speed, unlimited download broadband and anytime calls....

I need this as I am setting up my own business from home soon) 10 mobile (with O2, so get 300 texts, internet and the 10 credit to use for calls that aren't covered with my Talk Talk package) 41 water (we have to pay two companies being in Kent, not sure if that's the same in London) = 256 pcm If you don't need to pay any top up on your rent then I would imagine your bills will be around 200 pcm.

Good Luck, it is scary going out on your own, I've done it before and yet I'm still scared as it's been over a year since I had my own home....

BUT it is so liberating too xx Only an idea but if you absolutely HAD to get out, you would be better off renting a 3 bed and letting out a room to help subsadise your bills.

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We allowed 60 a month for gas and 60 for electric which could be considered generous but a friend recently moved into a flat with a gas card and electric key and between the 2 is doing about 45 a week!

With no disrespect intended if your living in a 7 bed house, its not like your falling over each other through lack of space and any money you spend on rent & bills is money you have effectively burnt.Our contribution to food is 140 a week but thats for a family of 4, including nappies, baby milk, beer (for oh) and leaves enough in the kitty for an occasional takaway.A lot will depend on the property you rent and exactly where, we are heading into the summer months so gas and electic costs should come down but you need to take into account all variables.You're better off trying to get a small 1 or 2 bed flat for now and just get used to being responsible for everything yourself xx thanks my parents suggested this too as I have found a flat i like which is big enough for me a nd DS to share a room. I'm in Scotland and I have a 2 bedroomed flat but it's a tenement so a ****** to heat!Gas and electric: 69 month for both Council Tax: Varies from area to area, have a look on the local authority website to find out how much you would pay Landline: 25 month Water: Included with council tax in Scotland but I pay 23 a month TV License: 12 a month Also remember to include food, clothes, bus fares/fuel, childcare etc.

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