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The Imperial Army, known formally in High Gothic as the Excertus Imperialis and the Imperialis Auxilia, respectively, (the hosts of the Imperial Army and its auxiliaries) was the Imperial military force comprised of normal men and women that served as the ancestor of the modern Astra Militarum of the late 41st Millennium.

Unlike the Imperial Guard, the Imperial Army contained ground, air and space assets all within the same table of organisation and there was no differentiation between space-based and ground-based branches of the service.

This reform led to the formation of the modern Imperial Guard and Imperial Navy.Even the mighty superhuman armies of the Legiones Astartes could not alone complete the task at hand.It was therefore decreed that each of the liberated worlds would supply men-at-arms to bolster the war effort.The Emperor began His conquest of Terra with the intent to reunite the warring techno-barbarian nations into a unified planetary government and then use Terra as the springboard from which to begin his reconquest of the galaxy under the aegis of an Imperium of Man dedicated to the Imperial Truth of progress and reason.The Genos proved throughout the conflict to reunite Terra that became known as the Unification Wars to be a most effective and adaptable military force.

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