Find en elsker Næstved

This repetition is often not indicated, except in the first verse.

The words that are repeated an extra time are written in italics in the Norwegian lyrics below (except in the first verse, which is written down fully).

And old tales which night, in falling, Brings as dreams to earth.

The text below is a modernised version commonly used today, not identical to Bjørnson's original.

The lyrics that were taken out were: The "brethren pact" which the text is referring to was a military treaty between Norway, Sweden and Denmark to come to the assistance should one of the nations come under military assault.

This happened when German troops invaded South Jutland in February 1864.

All our mothers sought with weeping And our sires in fight, God has fashioned in His keeping Till we gained our right.

And, as warrior sires have made her Wealth and fame increase, At the call we too will aid her Armed to guard her peace.

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