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I don’t in any way want to limit her horizons, but I feel that I must manage her expectations.I have to make sure Domenica has certain skills that will perhaps, in the future, enable her to get out to work, and be part of a community.Josephine Quintavalle, of campaign group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said: 'It is generally accepted that there is a significant under-reporting of abortions of babies with Down's syndrome, but I think we are especially saddened when we read of such abortions in association with IVF, where the women involved were clearly originally desperate to have a child.'The number of abortions carried out because of Down's among those who conceived naturally is more than 1,000 a year – or three a day.Around nine in ten women who are told they are going to have a baby with the condition opt for a termination.Information you won’t find at the library or bookstore.

Last night, anti-abortion campaigners said the statistics on IVF terminations showed that some women treat babies like 'designer goods' – paying a fortune to conceive but then aborting them when they turn out not to be perfect.

The data held by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority shows that Down's syndrome was the most commonly given reason for an abortion, cited in 31 of the cases – three times as many as in 1999.

Foetal abnormality was the next biggest reason for abortion, accounting for 19 cases, while 15 babies with Edward's syndrome – another condition caused by the presence of an extra chromosome – were also terminated.

In general, when people talk about disability, they mean a physical disability.

In those cases, the person with the disability is as self-aware as anyone is, but when you are dealing with a mental disability the issues are much more fraught.

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