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But times change, and now South Korea is one of the world’s leaders in international marriages.

For the last decade, approximately every tenth marriage in the country was between a Korean citizen and a foreigner.

South Korea has changed its attitude in regard to marriages with foreigners.

A couple of decades ago it was considered to be something reprehensible, and is now there is no condemnation.

This is due to the unfavorable demographic situation.

About two-thirds of such unions (to be precise, 70.7 percent in 2013) are between Korean men and foreign women.To its credit, Vietnam, for all its progress in recent years, still remains a very poor country by world standards.Therefore, for ordinary Vietnamese girl Korean rural house, which has not only electricity (round the clock, without interruption), but also inner plumbing and running hot water, and it just seems like a palace from a fairy tale.The formation of this social group in the country was a surprise.Although the first international wedding took place in Korea in the late nineteenth century, in the early 1990s many interviews and polls demonstrated that the Koreans are very unkindly referring to the idea of a marriage with a foreigner.

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