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The thought-model for future interconnection environment was proposed in 2004.

The model includes the notion of the ternary universe consists of the physical world, virtual world and mental world and a multi-level reference architecture with the nature and devices at the bottom level followed by the level of the Internet, sensor network, and mobile network, and intelligent human-machine communities at the top level, which supports geographically dispersed users to cooperatively accomplish tasks and solve problems by using the network to actively promote the flow of material, energy, techniques, information, knowledge, and services in this environment.

Multiple categorizations have been suggested, most of which agree on a separation between consumer, enterprise (business), and infrastructure applications.

Another example would be to use smart devices as for examples Amazon`s Alexa to get the most recent and most important news of the day while cutting the vegetables for the meal you are cooking at the moment.

In general, Smart Home devices make life easier at home and give us the possibility to make several things at the same time.

Further information is collected by tracking how consumers interact with the content.

This is done through conversion tracking, drop off rate, click through rate, registration rate and interaction rate.

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