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Aside from his personal life, George released his first single last year after sensationally leaving X Factor-formed boy band Union J.Now George is trying his hand at acting as he makes a guest appearance on the ITV's most successful sitcom Benidorm, set to return next Wednesday.Anderson___ A7 - Orlando Jordan___ A8 - D’Angelo Dinero___ A9 - Tara___ A10 - Desmond Wolfe___ A11 - Taz___ A12 - Kevin Nash___ A13 - Brian Kendrick___ A14 - ___ A25 - Dr.Stevie___ A26 - Brutus Magnus___ A27 - Velvet Sky___ A28 - Jeremy Borash___ A29 - Madison Rayne___ A30 - Doug Williams___ A31 - Christy Hemme___ A32 - Suicide___ A33 - Hamada___ A34 - Robert Roode___ A35 - Brian Knobs___ A36 - Dixie Carter___ A37 - ___ A38 - Bubba The Love Sponge___ A39 - ODB___ A40 - Homicide___ A41 - Matt Morgan___ A42 - Daffney___ A43 - Jesse Neal___ A44 - James Storm___ A45 - So Cal Val___ A46 - Jeff Hardy___ A47 - Traci Brooks___ A48 - Jerry Sags___ A49 - Angelina Love___ A50 - Alex Shelley___ A51 - Syxx-Pac___ A52 - Shannon Moore___ A53 - Jay Lethal___ A54 - Rob Terry___ A55 - ___ A2-1 - Hulk Hogan / Sting___ A2-2 - Mick Foley / Abyss___ A2-3 - Hulk Hogan / Dixie Carter___ A2-4 - Kurt Angle / Jeff Jarrett___ A2-5 - Kevin Nash / Eric Young___ A2-6 - Hulk Hogan / Mick Foley___ A2-7 - Kurt Angle / Mr.George Shelley is reportedly in a secret relationship with university student Matthew Holehouse, 13 months after coming out as bisexual.

I don't want to feel like I can't be myself because I'm worried about what somebody might be saying about me - or the label thing''And I just want you to know that whether I decide to be with a girl next or a guy next, it's because I love them and it shouldn't be a big deal.

The 23-year-old pop star revealed in February last year that he's had 'girlfriends but also had boyfriends', yet insisted he would never come out as gay.

George soared to fame in 2012 in the ninth series of X Factor when Union J were formed although he left the group to focus on his acting career.

In the fourth episode of the ninth series, he checks into The Solana in Costa Blanca on a lads' holiday.

It's sad to think how a favorites list of mine would have featured if not been dominated by TNA just a few years ago.

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