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As the whale blubber was used for lamps, indoors and outdoors, the arrival of electricity made whale hunting uneconomical.

In the winter of 1854–55, 1742 whales were caught, but a normal winter's catch would be half that or even less.

Fra tid til anden forlyder det i medierne, at vi i dag lever i et pornoficeret samfund.

Med det menes der bl.a., at nøgenhed med et seksuelt formål og sexappeal generelt er blevet en fast del af mediebilledet, hvad enten det er plakater på gaden, reklamer i blade eller på nettet eller de programmer, vi ser i TV.

The name Middelfart, first recorded as "Mæthælfar" in Valdemar's Census Book in 1231, consists of the old Danish word mæthal meaning 'middle' and far meaning 'way'.

This name originally referred to the strait Snævringen ('the narrowing'), which is the narrowest part of the Little Belt, and was subsequently applied to the settlement as well.

Middelfart Church, dedicated to St Nicholas, is located close to the harbour at the end of Algade.In 1970 a motorway bridge to Jutland was opened and in 2007 Middelfart became the seat of an expanded municipality, which included the former communes of Ejby and Nørre Aaby.From the Middle Ages until the end of the 19th century the local fishermen were also whale hunters in winter.The town was granted its first privileges at the end of the 13th century at a time when fishing played an important role in addition to its ferry link to Snoghøj in Jutland.From the Middle Ages the town appears to have specialized in catching harbour porpoises.

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